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Phoenix Controls was founded as a control panel manufacturer. The company quickly grew to become a major supplier of custom designed control panels and systems for applications in all types of industrial and commercial process systems and electrical utility control requirements. Today, Phoenix Controls is situated in Oakville, Ontario, in a modern, efficient building designed to handle all facets of software design and programming, assembly of electrical, electronic, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment, and functional testing. Innovative engineering capabilities within Phoenix Controls stem from more than 15 years of experience in control system design.

Phoenix Controls Building
Phoenix Controls Manufacturing Facility

A computer based PLC programming station is available in the engineering department for programming of various manufacturers PLC equipment. Engineering expertise also extends to substation control design for electrical utility and industrial applications.

Phoenix Controls drafting department is equipped with an AutoCAD (computer aided design) system for production drawings. This ensures that any customer design changes can be quickly and easily transmitted to the production department.

Phoenix Controls has supplied control systems to various installations in Canada, United States, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.


Phoenix's capabilities extend to include design and manufacturing of all control systems from simple custom made panels to utility generating plant control rooms requiring vast complex control panels.

Phoenix Controls custom control panels can be equipped to handle all types of control systems including electrical, electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and programmable logic control. In addition, engineering and software expertise allows Phoenix to program and test all PLC based control panels to ensure proper operation to customer specifications.


Custom built CSA approved enclosures are available for all classes and environments. Quality in materials and paint finish is carefully checked prior to assembly and shipment. Construction materials such as mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum are available as well as fiberglass and PVC.


All custom-built control panels can be supplied with various graphic displays. Process graphics can be active or passive, and are made of laminated plastic, or rear screened Lexan.

Phoenix's capabilities to rear screen Lexan allow optimum flexibility for potential future changes to graphic displays.


Quality assurance remains a foremost criterion. Phoenix's products are applied or installed in many critical areas and applications (such as hospitals, computer centers, pumping stations, etc.). For these reasons, quality assurance must be strictly maintained throughout the entire design, procurement and manufacturing stages.


Chris Wight, General Manager

Mike Boyd, Manager of Technical Services.


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