Phoenix Controls wide ranging panels and systems can be designed to integrate the features shown below:

Relay logic controls comprising of electro-mechanical and solid state devices.

PLC controls using industrial controllers of various manufacturers.

Electrical metering to monitor system levels such as amps, volts, KW, Hz, KVAR, etc.

Mechanical metering complete with piping and associated components for the measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, level, etc. Instrumentation for control and monitoring of electrical and mechanical signals.

Supervisory control such as operator stations, remote control and operator interface.

Motor control for all applications such as conveyors, fans, winches, etc. Switchgear up to 5KV for all applications - breakers and switches to be customer's choice or our recommendations.

Protective relaying for utility and standby generator applications.

Pneumatic controls and piping, including regulators, solenoids, transducers, etc.

Enclosures can be custom built or can be a standard product. Materials used in the manufacture can be mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and fiberglass. Paint finishes of baked enamel, powder coat, or epoxy are available in a variety of colors. Explosion-proof enclosures also available. Click here for a list of available enclosures and ratings.

Graphic displays - either computer generated or hard wired.

The control systems can be approved to meet the following standards:
Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
Underwriters Laboratories (UL)
CSA Special Inspection
Ontario Hydro Approval

All of our systems are fully tested for continuity and a functional sequence test. Test reports are provided with each piece of equipment.

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Panel 5
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